Top 15 Presents For Your Pet This Christmas

It’s that time of year again – people are over-indulging in mince pies and mulled wine, singing their hearts out to Mariah Carey, and getting ready for Santa Claus to come down the chimney. It’s a season that seems to make even the grumpiest of folk a little more cheery; the “season to be jolly”. Everyone seems a little more generous than normal, overwhelmed by Christmas spirit. So whilst we’re all out shopping for our loved ones, make sure you don’t forget about your four-legged friends. I’m sure they’d appreciate a visit from Santa too!

We’ve put together the best presents out on the market to buy for your pets to help you with the chaos of Christmas shopping, and better yet, they’re all available to buy online – hassle free! So sit back, enjoy another mince pie….we’ve done the research for you and picked out all the best reviewed treats for your canines, cats and even goldfish!


img_7773With sounds and LEDs, this is the perfect distraction for your cat, and better yet only £3.99 from


img_7772The best bargain you’ll find at just £2 and your pup will absolutely love it. Fill it with their favourite treats and they’ll enjoy the challenge of getting them out. (Make sure you supervise them to avoid choking hazards)

Available at Pets at Home


img_7771Don’t let the cold weather keep you inside and get in the Christmas spirit when out riding…prices starting from £5.45, available on eBay.


img_7770A personal favourite of my guinea pigs, your small furballs will love you for treating them to this marigold rich grass, and at only £3.49 per kg you’ll love it too!


img_7769Another perfect treat for your small pet, and will take away your worries of keeping their teeth in good health – your rabbits, chinchillas, mice (whatever you have) will love to gnaw on these.

£2, Pets at Home


img_7768The perfect game of tug of war with your dog!

£8, Pets at Home



This cosy microwavable heat pad blanket can be given to any of your furry friends to keep them warm over the bitter winter season – a gift I’m sure they’d appreciate.




Another great chew toy for your dogs to enjoy, this reindeer is a must-have from Pets at Home, and only £5!



With this Christmas tree inspired aquatic plant, even your fish can feel festive this year! A lovely view for you, and something new to explore for them too.

£3.95, SuntekStore



Let your felines feel snug in this fabulous winter bed. Available in pink and beige.




This one is certainly on my Christmas list! A soft, squishy bed for your small pets to have the best night’s sleep a rodent could dream of. Available in 3 different sizes for £6, £8 or £10 from Pets at Home online or in store.



Like the dog toy ranked at number 10, this will tease your cat all day long.

£4, Pets at Home



Pets at Home’s best buy this year! Make your little hamster look even more cute in this snuggly reindeer house this Christmas. We know hamsters love a good cosy bed, so this is the perfect gift.

£6, Pets at Home



Treat your ponies this winter with a handmade edible wreath. After all, it’s the most thoughtful gifts that mean the most, right? Stuff the hay wreath full with their favourite veggies and treats and I’m sure you’ll be rewarded with plenty of horse kisses in the New Year.

Details on how to make your own wreath at


Finally, our top ranked gift for you this year:


It doesn’t get much cuter than that does it?

This dog coat is available in sizes XS-XL and is perfect for those of you lucky enough to own dogs that don’t mind a good bit of fancy dress. Starting at only £6.99, it’s the perfect outfit for Christmas Day.

Available on eBay


Have a wonderful Christmas, and keep wrapped up warm for those early morning dog walks, and if you don’t have any pets to spoil this Christmas then don’t forget you can easily donate gifts to many animal shelters with collection at supermarkets!

Olivia Evans

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