10 Reasons to go braless for good!

Off topic to what I usually write about, but I really want to emphasise to fellow women out there how much you can actually benefit from ditching your bra and embracing the bounce!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good investment in a pretty underwear set just as much as the rest of you, but after not wearing a bra for a few years now, I can’t stress enough how glad I am that I haven’t!


So here’s 10 reasons why you should follow pursuit and buckle up for freedom:

1 Bras are not necessary

I don’t know about you, but all I seem to see is lingerie shops advertising free bra fittings, people telling us we need brasor our breasts will sag, and articles left right and centre about the best bra buys this season! We all take it as gospel that we must wear a bra, as though it’s as necessary for our health as cleaning our teeth is. We rarely seem to question why women are expected to wrap our breasts up in an uncomfortable undergarment every single day of our lives. The answer is that we really don’t need to. On the contrary to popular belief, many scientists have actually proved that bras do nothing to support our chest, or reduce back pain and sagging. So there you go; no need to struggle clipping it together behind your back every morning. You can maybe save that minute for a little extra time in bed.

2 It doesn’t hurt

As a 32F myself, I can confidently say to those of you who are well endowed and scared to throw out your bras just yet because you’re afraid they’ll be bouncing all over, worry no more; it does not hurt. I find the underwire of a constraining bra to be far more uncomfortable. Besides, whilst it may feel strange at first, after a while you’ll get used to the feel of freedom and won’t ever look back.


3 Bras are expensive!

Ladies underwear doesn’t come cheap, especially if you’re searching for extra comfort. So why not put aside the money you’d normally spend on your bras and save it for that new lipstick you’ve been dreaming of?

4 Sports Bras are SO much comfier

So before you think “What about my morning jog, surely I need support for that?” do not forget about the wonderful invention of the sports bra. As an active person myself, I’m a big fan of a sports bra. Some people again prefer a padded approach to this but I’m more content with a non-padded bralette. This need not be expensive either – I have an excellent bralette from H&M that cost just £3.99 and I’ve even ran a half marathon in it – talk about a good investment!


5 You can show off your figure

I often become self conscious when it comes to picking out a flattering outfit; wearing a bra constrains my choice in many ways. If I wear a non fitted floaty top, a bra will just make my breasts stick out more, making my stomach look as if it sticks out just as much! Equally annoying, in tight clothing, bras just mould your breasts to that fake circular look. Go braless and look far more natural, allowing your clothes to mould to your unique body shape and show it off!

6 You’ll end up with nicer breasts

Studies have shown that instead of preventing sagging like many of us are led to believe, bras actually INCREASE the rate of sagging! So throw out your bras and you’ll end up keeping your youthful breasts for longer. Who said you can’t feel good naked?

7 Say hello to body confidence!

As well as decreasing the rate of sagging, stop wearing a bra and you’ll have perkier, stronger breasts, feeling more confident than ever. Going braless has proven to lift your nipples by nearly 1cm as well as building up more breast tissue and I’m witness to that. That’s basically a free boob job!


After all, if we needed a bra to keep our breasts perky we’d have been designed with one built in but our breasts are perfect just how they’ve evolved – cave women had no need for Boux Avenue stores did they?

8 No more worrying about straps ruining your outfit

You’ve just bought the perfect backless dress for that party you’ve been looking forward to for weeks, and then you realise that cute guy from work will be there too. Then, as you’re getting ready, you realise you don’t have a backless bra, run to the shops only to find that they’re sold out; we’ve all been there. You get stressed out that your bra strap will be on show, ruining your attempt at wearing something seductive. No bra = problem solved! No more straps to worry about. No need to search endlessly for a backless or strapless bra. Instead, just embrace the feel of that silky dress on your skin instead of that itchy barrier that is usually between them.

9 Men actually love it

Ask any men today, and I’m sure the majority of them will agree that a woman going braless has an heir of sexiness about her. They love the idea that your breasts are hanging free under that spicy red dress you’ve got on. Not to mention how you’ll avoid him awkwardly attempting to take it off and unveil the treasures underneath when things get heated in the bedroom. He’ll be thankful I’m sure.



Lastly, none of us can forget that blissful feeling of taking your bra off after a long day – it nearly beats the feeling of climbing into fresh bed sheets with silky smooth legs after a steamy shower. If someone offered you that feeling every second of every day I’m sure you’d gladly accept. So go ahead! Leave your breasts to breathe and reap the benefits.


Olivia Evans

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