Mankind strikes again – the end of the Northern White Rhino

On the 19th March 2018 a rhino was put to sleep due to ill health in his old age – the last Male Northern white rhino. The last male, on the entire planet. I’ll let that sink in for a moment, except the severity of it will not.

The last surviving male of this subspecies has died, and so we are witnessing the extinction of the northern white rhino, and we’re letting it happen.

Nature’s only mistake is man. Man has wiped out so many species from the face of the earth, destroyed habitats in the name of progress, and we are now fighting a losing battle to preserve what remains.

For it is not mere bad luck that has doomed the rhino; it is not that they are ill adapted to their environment. It is for no reason other than our greed that these animals are being slaughtered left, right, and centre, driven by the demand for their horns.

Their horns made of keratin, the same substance as our fingernails, are hacked off by poachers on a daily basis, and virtually no rhinos survive these brutal attacks. Many leave orphans behind, whose survival rate is obviously depressingly low. The rich Eastern investors and the imbecilic humans, who believe these horns have healing powers, are what drives poachers to put their morals aside, and kill these magnificent creatures, all for some cash.

Urgent action to tackle this illegal wildlife trade is needed now more than ever. China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and all other nations taking part in this mass destruction of rhinos MUST be stopped. It is tragic that so many of these noble creatures have been butchered for their horn…for “medical” nonsenses, aphrodisiacs, investments.

Poachers may not have killed Sudan, but they are certainly to blame for the death of his subspecies, just as the Western Black rhinos fell at their hands; Sudan would not have been the last male northern white rhino at all if poachers hadn’t already slaughtered so many, and the trouble is, it’s not just rhinos.

If there is profit to be made out of exploitation, then humans shall persevere until we cause our own self destruction – something that has already begun, yet we still carry on regardless. I wish we could believe that every form of life, be it tree, animal, and the surrounding ecosystem, is a gift to us, and we could at least think to sustain it. Nature is our mother, and and we all are her children. I wish humanity would understand that one day – before it’s too late.

“Today we are witnessing the extinction of a species that had survived for millions of years, but could not survive mankind.”

– Vitale, one of Sudan’s protectors

We are now coming to the point of no return, when it comes to saving our animals, nature, planet. Some of us campaign to save them – this month’s cause appears to be the overuse of plastic. Yet, a vast majority still continue to purchase products that are packaged to the hilt. Easter egg anyone?

Enough delaying – we must act now.



All photo credits to Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya

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